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A party that had not ever seen!!!


Abra - calabria here we are : we are Mr.Fli and Clown Uao , a pair of clown with red nose in the heart , animators and entertainers a little ' playful and a bit ' messy , but with so much energy and desire to bring a smile to young and old . Sparkling and engaging, we come out in the entertainment world with eyes that have only the most inquisitive children . Professional in everything from clowns , magic for kids, juggling club , from training to entertainment.


Our circus, Circowow , it is proposed in Italy, Monaco and Switzerland and also for all other countries with specific proposals for party entertainment, children's magic shows for kids and comedy magic , animations and installations with balloons for grand openings and business premises throughout Italy and all places with performances of various kinds , ranging from animation in all its facets up to the creation specific projects for each type of event and context by creating staging of the event.
Forged by experience and with a sense of initiative , we are always ready to get involved and throw us into new experiences and adventures. Peering into our Photogallery continually updated , you can take a look at what has been our experience .
The Circowow also organizes courses and training workshops clown , magic and juggling workshops for young people with the aim of spreading the art of circus and street theater and promote itself as training courses for small and circus training workshops dedicated to professionals.
If you're not longer in the skin and make you want to infect our happiness do not hesitate to contact us! If you want to know more entertainers listed follow our events or contact us for a gig ? For more information about our activities . What are you waiting ?

Our various skills ranging from :


Entertainers for birthday parties, kids birthday entertainment , animation and theme parties and birthday  , street parties , wedding animation , animation communions and baptisms , waiters crazy shows magic for children, clown shows , manipulators of balloons, face painting professional stand with balloons for grand openings or fittings for wedding , magicians, children's workshops and educational game educational interventions for associations and cooperatives and many other proposals are waiting for you in the Animation and Entertainment you can find in addition to dedicated services to birthday parties for children that offers circowow from the photo shoot and can set up the party with the heroes and heroes celebrated , and many new proposals dedicated to entertainment.



 - CIRCOWOW  events for kids!

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The Circowow always takes care of events for children and has specialized in the design and implementation of animations , workshops and proposed lines of ad hoc events . The quality of our proposals we clearly distinguished from those which are the usual commercial offerings on the market. Our staff is composed and collaborated with artists that provide animation always original and unique .


So do not hesitate to contact us and hires the best for your events .

Contact us at 3493315672 or email on


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Each show circowow and service can be done in three languages ‚Äč‚ÄčItalian, Spanish and English. Our shows are suitable for an international audience and were presented in contexts tourist and business for more than 12 years.

Engage Circowow and foul fly to your country for a tour, for a festival or show that you miss and remember a party that had not ever seen ...

 - CIRCOWOW  events for kids!